Our trained Counsellors guide students on planning and achieving their own academic and career goals from the earliest stages. We provide intensive workshops and personal guidance on university admissions processes as well as career development.

Admissions Counselling 

Our students aim to study at world-class universities around the world. But which universities will best fit your style? How do you write a stellar personal statement? What happens in an admissions interview? At Admissions Sessions, our Counsellors share their extensive experiences navigating each step of the application process to top universities in the UK, USA, and Canada.

Career Guidance & Mentorship 

At Oxford, students are exposed to a large variety of career paths, from academic research to business and entrepreneurship, science, law, and government. Students interested in exploring these careers or striking out on other paths can receive guidance from our on-site Counsellors through workshops or individual sessions. They have access to a world of information and connections in various industries through their long-standing work with students.