The courses include lectures by academics associated with Oxford University on the subject areas/themes of students’ choice. The objective of the lectures is to introduce students to the latest debates, discussions and innovations in their field of study. The lectures also include a Question and Answer session to allow students to discuss various points raised and ensure a good discussion. The lecturers are encouraged to use a variety of study aids including hand-outs, power point slides as well as audio & video materials. Most of the lectures are in the form of a presentation on a particular topic however in some cases seminar style format is also used. The Seminars require students to read one or more academic papers that are then discussed by the students moderated by the lecturer.

Each course prescribes some key seminal texts and excerpts from these are provided to the students as lecture hand-outs. The students do not necessarily need to purchase any books for the purpose of completing this program, however a recommended reading list is provided and students can obtain these books if they require for further study. All course materials required for completing all our summer courses however are provided by the Oxford Institute.

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