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Students have the flexibility to choose their subjects of interest from a range of options. All students choose one Major and Minor subject from the list. We welcome students from all over the world who are enrolled under various examination boards. Students can either focus on preparing for their future exams or obtaining advanced information about their subjects/areas of study. Some advantages for these students based on their system of education are mentioned below:

1) Intense Academic Training: students aiming to take exams get help to learn exam techniques, learning methods and other ways of improving their grades. They get to interact with current academics at Oxford with impressive high school grades and can therefore learn much from their experience and knowledge. Using tutorial method allows us to tailor the curriculum to include topics that students are struggling with and help them get to grips with these.

2) Varying Teaching and Learning Methods: Those students who are more interested in exploring studying at university level will get a taster of teaching and learning methods at undergrad level. This includes discussions, debates, seminars and other participatory methods of learning. Interaction with a world leading scholar in your subject of interest will introduce you to latest developments in your chosen field. It will provide an opportunity for you to assess if this particular field if for you and plan your career accordingly, including the immediate decision of choosing a course/university for future studies.

Along with the benefits of intense academic training and introduction of varying teaching and learning methods, the independent research project which involves an essay an presentation allows the students to prepare for their final IB exams as well.

Customized courses: The tutorial teaching method allows us to be flexible in terms of accommodating specific requests about your particular system of education and build on it to introduce you to concepts that you are likely to study at University level. The course therefore serves as a bridge between your current studies at school and those at the University level.

Exposure: The Summer Course will help students from a variety of backgrounds and education systems to appreciate and understand similarities and difference between their pedagogical paradigms and those used at others. More importantly, it will allow them to step-up to university level as well as experience and get expert advice on making a transition from their particular education system to studies at one of the top universities in the world.

Furthermore, Summer Programme helps develop critical thinking skills, leadership, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that will serve students for the whole life.

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The Oxford Institute welcomes students currently enrolled at universities at the Summer Camp. Students can choose from a number of subjects and opt for either 2 weeks or 4 weeks course. Students get individualised guidance and support from a top academic at Oxford University using tutorial teaching method. Additional support is provided to help students develop a career plan and get to know about their prospective professional fields or opportunities for further studies. The course provides networking opportunities to students and provides them a chance to interact with professionals in their areas of interest. Emphasis is also given to developing and fine tuning communication skills through a range of public speaking and debating workshops as well as interpersonal, leadership and team working skills.

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The Oxford Institute specializes in offering customized courses to government bodies, NGOs, INGOs, academic institutes and many organizations and groups of people that are seeking to develop skills to succeed professional. In the recent past, our services have benefitted several organizations

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