Lecture Rooms

Our students use the same lecture rooms that are used by the Oxford University students. The lecture rooms at the Oxford University are of different sizes and are used for various purposes. Some of these are set up as class rooms, some as a round-table discussion room while others as seminar rooms. We use a combination of these rooms to ensure that the students are seated in accordance with the style of teaching. Our tutorials for example, feature round tables for the students to facilitate sharing of views and allow students to discuss the topic among themselves and with the tutor. The seminar rooms are used for the guest speaker lectures and class rooms for lectures on various topic in their course. The furniture in the lecture rooms is practical, comfortable and helps create an environment conducive for learning.
All lecture rooms are fully equipped with audio/video equipment along with the traditional whiteboard and worksheets. The lecturers are encouraged to use as many of the audio & video materials such as video clips and other interactive academic materials to making the process of learning pleasant and more effective.