Activities & Sports

We organise a range of activities for our students to make their time pleasant, to encourage team work and provide networking opportunities. Some of these activities include:



Punting refers to boating in a "punt" which is a flat-bottomed boat with  a square-cut bow designed for small rivers or other shallow water. The  punt is propelled by the punter using a pole rather than an oar used in  gondolas. Punting is one of the most famous attractions in Oxford as  thousands of tourists, local residents and students turn to the boats to  spend the day in the river Cherwell that flows through Oxford's  protected green belt of fields and woods before joining the renowned  river Thames to continue its journey to London. Punting in Oxford is a  very serene experience with the scenic views of rural England on  display. 





Oxford style debating is one of the most popular activities during our  Summer Programme. The students are divided into two groups who  then debate on a topic of interest with a group arguing for and against  the proposition. Students prepare extensively to prepare for the debate  and everyone gets an opportunity to particpate. The debate helps the  students to polish their public speaking and oratory skills and helps  enhance leadership potential. A visit to the historic Oxford Union is also  included in the programme where students get to learn about one  of the oldest debating society in the world and the key debates that  have taken place in its debating chamber.



Movie Nights


Oxford has a flourishing arts scene with 5 multiplex cinemas and  around 40 theatres, play houses and concert halls. All of the major  cinema chains are represented that show latest released Hollywood  flicks along with other international movies. Private screening can also  be arranged at a number of commercial venues as well as in a few  colleges at Oxford University. Our students are normally treated with a  weekly movie night at one of Oxford's historic venues after the long  days work to unwind and relax. The sub-title and audio description  facilities are also available upon request if required. 





For the sports enthusiasts amongst our students we will be organizing five a side football matches on one of the evenings at the state of the  art artificial grass football pitch in the University Club, Oxford. The  activity is usually very popular among our students and provides them  the opportunity to gel together as a group and work as a team. It also  serves as a glimpse of wide range of co-curricular facilities available to  the students at Oxford and allows them to utilise some of these to keep  fit while they are enjoying the Oxford Institute's summer programme.