What is the Oxford Institute Summer Program?

Our annual summer program comprises summer courses for high school and university students as well as professionals. The programs usually run from early July to late August. It encompasses a balance of academic, extracurricular and social activities. This includes tutorial sessions with Oxford scholars on students’ chosen subjects, coaching in debating and public speaking, academic and career counselling, along with field trips, sporting, and entertainment activities.  Students live at the Oxford University Campus and use facilities normally exclusive to Oxford students. The programme’s intimate nature is conducive to providing a holistic and personalised experience for students, aimed to foster individual initiative, expression and creativity.

 What are the objectives of your program?

The objective of the summer program is to introduce the students to the latest knowledge and the current debates in their subject area and experience the unique academic environment at Oxford University. We aim to instill a love for learning and quest for knowledge among the students by adopting innovative ways of teaching, use of audio/video material and study tours. Students are exposed to a multicultural environment that allows them to interact with fellow students from all over the world. The activities are designed to harness student’s leadership potential and to enable them to make appropriate choices about their future career including potentially securing admissions in the top universities in the World. This is a once in the lifetime opportunity for the students to experience living and studying at Oxford University and will inspire them to go on to achieve bigger things in life.


What is your teaching philosophy?

We believe in providing students with a holistic learning experience which nurtures their passions within and beyond the classroom. We believe the best learning experiences are those which engage the curiosity of students and empowers them to pursue their ideas independently. Our tutorial method creates intimate and personalised learning environments which promote maximal individual attention between students and tutors. This allows tutors to hone each student's specific talents and empower them with the tools they need to continue their learning independently. Having a direct relationship with tutors also makes the learning fun and engaging. Tutorials remain the most popular component of our programme. 


Which courses do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of courses in the broad fields of Natural Sciences (Medicine, Engineering, Biology, etc.), Social Sciences (Economics, History, Law), and Humanities (Arts, Music, Literature). You can access our list of courses at this link. However, all teaching is performed in daily tutorial sessions comprising 1-3 students per tutor. Our tutors are researchers and scholars at Oxford University, working at the cutting-edge of their fields. Tutors also help students perform independent research to write a final essay and deliver a presentation at the end of the course. 


What is the tutorial method?

We are the only summer programme in Oxford that places Oxford University’s unique tutorial system at the heart of our teaching approach. Students take their chosen courses in intensive daily tutorial sessions with Oxford’s leading scholars, at a ratio of 1-3 students per tutor. Tutorial sessions provide individual attention to each student and require an interactive and comprehensive discussion of the subject matter between the student and tutor. Thus the specific topics discussed in each set of tutorials is customised based on the interests of the student and their evolving interaction with the tutor. Tutorials take a curiosity-driven, intensive approach to learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically and engage in dialogue and debate. 


What is included in the Fee?

The fee includes charges for lectures, tutorials, and other academic sessions delivered during the Summer Programme, as well as workshops on debating, career and academic counselling. Further, it includes the costs of student accommodation in individual rooms, along with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of the Programme. Finally, it includes charges for weekend and evening activities organised by the Programme, such as sports, field trips, excursions around Oxford, social, and entertainment events. Transport to and from the airport is also included. 


How is the course assessed and do we get a certificate?

Besides learning in tutorials, students are also taught how to conduct independent research on a chosen subject area. At the end of the course, students are graded based on their research essay and a brief oral presentation on their research work. Adequate time and facilities along with individual guidance provided for these tasks. A certificate is awarded at the completion of the Programme, along with a detailed course report with individual feedback on all components of the course from their tutors. 


What is your link with the University of Oxford?

The Oxford Institute is an accredited and non-profit organisation established and operated by current and former students and academics at the University of Oxford. While the Institute is not formally connected to the University of Oxford, its programmes are held on the premises of Oxford University and its colleges, including the use of facilities such as accommodation, lecture rooms, dining and social areas. Moreover, our tutors and mentors are all current or former students and scholars of Oxford University. As such, our students are provided with the opportunity to experience life as a student at Oxford - the Oxford experience.


What are the dates for the summer program?

Please view our Schedule section for key dates and other information.