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Wonderful Adventure in Oxford

Posted On: February 18, 2015
by Florentina Herr

This summer in Oxford was incredibly exciting! It was my first time in an English speaking country and I was very lucky to have the Oxford Institute to offer not only a high level academic education program but also a fun time experiencing famous historic places, sites and the traditions.

In these two weeks we visited Oxford’s colleges and museums, went punting, played cricket and football, had formal dinners, movie nights and many unforgettable moments. Over the weekend we even had the opportunity to visit London, the hub of Great Britain!


For me personally, punting was the best activity. At first it was really scary to stand on an unstable end of the boat, but I learned to balance and enjoyed getting to know the other students better and making new friends. In the end some of the boys had a friendly boat rivalry against each other and someone fell into the water when they were horse-playing, which was pretty funny.


The formal dinners were incredible. All the girls were together trying on dress after dress and couldn't decide what to wear and how they wanted to do make-up and so on, which is perhaps why we were late. The boys probably had it easier since getting dressed takes them less time. The formal dinner is a multi-course dinner with delicious food,  but was also an essential part of the Oxford experience, both educational and a lot of fun.


We also visited many museums and colleges, but the most famous was the Great Hall in Christ Church College, where Harry Potter was filmed in the Hogwart’s Hall. The atmosphere the dining hall radiates is far more intense than what you see in the movies, that’s why it’s the place to go if you’re a real Harry Potter fan!


Now that the summer holidays have come to an end and I am back in school I really miss the wonderful adventure in Oxford. I have never before taken so many pictures in only two weeks, but those two weeks felt far too short and I will cherish the memories of my Oxford experience.


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This summer in Oxford was incredibly exciting! It was my first time in an English speaking country and I was very lucky to have the Oxford Institute.

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