Summer Programme IB Students

The Oxford Institute welcomes students currently studying towards an International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification. IB is increasingly popular secondary/high school qualification and all Universities in UK welcome applicants with these. The 

Oxford Institute’s Summer Program is useful to IB students in following ways:

1) Students who are planning to take IB exams will benefit from intensive preparatory course offered by us tailored to your exact requirements. We have tutors that have vast experience of teaching IB students and our unique tutorial teaching method allows us to tailor the curriculum and teaching method in accordance with student’s preferences. Intense preparation for IB under supervision of a World leading expert at Oxford University will ensure improvements in student’s expected grades and help develop skills that will serve you for a life time:

2) Secondly, for students who have already taken IB exams and/or are looking to prepare for University, we shall be happy to provide a taster of studying at University level. We shall introduce the students to the curriculum and teaching methods use at University level including tutorials as well as lecture and seminars. The course will provide students’ knowledge of latest developments in their areas of interest and help them make informed choices about the courses/universities that best suit their requirements.

The emphasis of the program will also be on developing transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal skills and creative thinking that will serve the students for a life time. The Oxford Institute therefore welcomes and looks forward to receiving applications from IB students for intensive exam preparation and a Summer full of discovering their future life at a university.