High School Students who are currently studying in local examination systems (rather than international qualifications such as A Levels or IB) can also immensely benefit from our Summer Program. The tutorial teaching method allows us to be flexible in terms of accommodating specific requests about your particular system of education and build on it to introduce you to concepts that you are likely to study at University level. The course therefore serves as a bridge between your current studies at school and those at the University level.

The Summer Course will help students from a variety of backgrounds and education systems to appreciate and understand similarities and difference between their pedagogical paradigms and those used at others. More importantly, it will allow them to step-up to university level as well as experience and get expert advice on making a transition from their particular education system to studies at one of the top universities in the world.

Please do notify us if you have any queries and concern in this regard by email on info@oxfordsummerprogram.com. The Oxford Institute welcomes applications from students studying in local secondary education systems across the world and large number of students in this category have already immensely benefitted from the Summer Program.