Summer Programme O/A Levels Students

High School students studying for O Levels (or GCSE) or A Levels under various examination boards are key constituents of the Oxford Institute’s Summer Program. Students can either focus on preparing for their future O or A Levels exams or obtaining advanced information about their subjects/areas of study. Both options are discussed below:

1) Summer school provides intense training for students aiming to take exams and helps them learn exam techniques, learning methods and other ways of improving their grades. They get to interact with current academics at Oxford with impressive high school grades and can therefore learn much from their experience and knowledge. Using tutorial method allows us to tailor the curriculum to include topics that students are struggling with and help them get to grips with these.

1) Those students who are more interested in exploring studying at university level will get a taster of teaching and learning methods at undergrad level. This includes discussions, debates, seminars and other participatory methods of learning. Interaction with a world leading scholar in your subject of interest will introduce you to latest developments in your chosen field. It will provide an opportunity for you to assess if this particular field if for you and plan your career accordingly, including the immediate decision of choosing a course/university for future studies.

Furthermore, Summer Programme helps develop critical thinking skills, leadership, teamwork, communication, debating and interpersonal skills that will serve students for the whole life. The Oxford Institute welcomes and looks forward to receiving applications from students currently studying towards O and A Levels qualifications.