Oxford-China Summer Program

The Oxford-China Summer Program 2019       

In 2018 the Oxford Institute conducted its first summer camp in China. A team of Oxford tutors flew to Sichuan province of China and successfully completed 12 days residential camp attended by both local and Chinese students. 

In 2019 the Oxford China Summer Camp (OCSC) shall take place in one of China's largest city Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan province. This region is home to giant pandas and is a center for traditional Sichuanese opera and most famous for its delicious local cuisine. 

The program will be hosted at Chengdu Royal Foreign Language School; a leading boarding school in Chengdu, where students are educated within the 75 acres of beautiful grounds. Alongside such an enviable location, the school prides itself on exceptional academic achievement, genuine pastoral care and empathy, and superb facilities. These include bright modern classrooms as well as state-of-the-art rooms for Science, Art, Music, and Design. 

At OCSC 2019, a team of Oxford tutors shall fly to China to deliver five different subjects. Following courses will be offered at OCSC 2019.

Business Studies

Business studies introduce students to a range of business functions to develop a holistic understanding of the business processes and its interaction with the outside world. It will help students to identify specific business activities that they are interested in and would like to pursue in the future. 


Are leaders born or made? Our leadership module teaches the essential skills to develop and expand students leadership repertoire. Students will engage in self-assessment to analyse their leadership style, develop team charters to optimise their groups, and develop a game plan for effective negotiation. 

English Language and Debates

The English language course focuses on the writing, speaking and reading skills for students at all levels of competency from everyday conversation to the language of literature and the media. It involves the study of the structure of modern English, the history of English and identifying the basic tools for describing and discussing the English language with the aim of improving communications skills.

Students will also be introduced to Parliamentary debate (also referred to as "parli"). 

Engineering and Mathematics

Engineering is a very vast field and this course aims to provide students an introduction to a number of sub-fields within Engineering in order to better equip them to take it up as a career and to enable them to make an informed choice about the sub-field they would like to specialise in.

Mathematics includes the study of topics encompassing quantity, structure, space, change and other properties. 

World History

History involves the analysis and interpretation of the human past with the aim of studying continuity and change over time. The subject uses a wide variety of evidence to examine, interpret, revisit, and reinterpret the past. These include written documents, oral communication, and objects such as buildings, artifacts, photographs, and paintings. This course will provide a grounding in some of the broad themes within the global history literature. 

Chinese Culture, History and Language (Optional module: International Students only)

This is the only module which shall be delivered by a local Chinese teacher. 

Extra-curricular activities and Excursion Trips 

At OCSC students are given an opportunity to take part in various different extracurricular and sports activities such as Drama Classes, Dance Classes, Floorball, Flag Football, and Kung Fu etc. For all participants of the programme, the day starts with a Kungfu Class and ends with different games and a hearty Szechuan meal.

Some of the cultural tours planned for all our students include Tour of Chengdu Town Center and Landmarks, day trip to Panda Base, trip to Dujiangyan Irrigation project and practice Taiji, trip to the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine and cultural discovery.

Features of the Summer Program 

Experienced Tutorial Team
The team consists of distinguished researchers and professors associated with the University of Oxford. The programme provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from world-class academics.

Certification and Reference Letter
Students with the top performance in the Oxford Summer School Program in China will receive an international certificate and reference letter from their tutors.

Professional Career Guidance
The Oxford summer school program in China will provide guidance on how to apply to the top universities in the world. This will help students to develop their individual personal development plans.

International Capabilities
The Oxford summer school program offers debates, leadership talks, and team competitions. It enhances the capacity of students to build confidence, teamwork and leadership abilities. 

Personal Interests

The Oxford summer school also brings international sports courses such as floorball and flag football. The summer program also organizes music and drama courses for the students to introduce them to arts and culture.

Diversified Learning Environment
The Oxford summer school program in China is open for registration from all around the world. This helps attendees to make friends with the fellow students in other countries and expand their horizons.

Course Coordinators for OCSC

Nazish Gulzar (Asia Coordinator)

Nazish studied Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford and holds a Masters’ degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester. She has extensive experience of working in the technology sector. She has also supervised students at various summer school programs for many years. 

Yujiao Arina Zhang (China Coordinator)

Yujiao holds a Masters degree in Management and Information Systems from the University of Manchester and now works as a management consultant for Global Fortune 500 clients. He brings over 10 years’ experience in teaching, training, and talent performance both within China and internationally in India, Germany, and England.

Marina Zhang (Principal)

Marina completed her Masters in Information Systems and Management from the University of Warwick and has over 10 years of experience in the education sector in China and South Africa.

Apply for OCSC

Age Group: 10 – 18 years old.

Key Dates: 17th of July to 28th of July 2019 

Fee: GBP 1,999/- (this includes Tuition, Accommodation, Food, Co-curricular Activities and Learning Materials – the fee does not include travel to and from Chengdu).  


Ph  +44 1865 600 453
Email  admin1@theoxfordinstitute.co.uk
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