Oxford Summer Programme

Our flagship Oxford summer programme introduces students to the latest debates and developments in the subject of their choice from the given multiple array of subjects offered in the programme. Oxford University’s faculty members, research fellows and graduate students are our expert academics, tutors, lecturers, deans and teachers. They provide world-class teaching and learning methods, and excursion trips to student. The Oxford Institute contracts with the University College for the use of facilities.

About Oxford University

The University of Oxford has produced a long list of world leaders, writers, thinkers, philosophers, scientists and artists over the course of its history that stretches back to 1096 AD. Students will get to experience the life of Oxford University where the world’s most eminent personalities have studied and lived. The following are just some of the few names of high-profile personalities associated with Oxford University.

- Twenty-six British prime ministers have attended Oxford 

- Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien, T.S. Eliot and Lewis Carroll are some of the famous writers along with philosophers John Locke, Jeremy Bentham and Thomas Hobbes who have been associated with Oxford.

- Some of the scientists that Oxford produced include Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins and Albert Einstein 

For more information on why this camp at Oxford University could be a wonderful experience, please visit here.


University of Oxford’s campus is a world heritage site and is in high demand as the preferred place to stay for millions of visitors and tourists during summer months. We are however fully committed to providing our students with a very unique experience of living within the campus and using the same facilities that were once used by prominent Oxford alumni. We are collaborating with University College to use their facilities. For more info please visit here

Excursion Trips

Excursion trips to London are organised over the weekend. Key tourist attractions in London such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square are visited. Besides these trips, we will have a set of activities to engage our students throughout the program. For more information please visit here


4th August 2019 – 16th August 2019