What is the Oxford Institute Summer Program?

The Oxford Institute organises the annual summer program that includes 2 weeks and 4 weeks summer courses for 16-18 year old students and adults. The program runs in late July/early August and includes a range of lectures, tutorials, field trips, debating and sporting activities and career development counselling. The students live at the Oxford University Campus and use all facilities that are normally exclusively available to students at Oxford University.  


What is your link with the Oxford University?

The Oxford Institute is an accredited and non-profit organisation which works with one of the constituent colleges of University of Oxford for the use of facilities such as accommodation, lecture rooms, dining and socialising areas, with no formal connection with The University of Oxford. All of our tutors and lecturers however are either current or former lecturers, researchers or students at Oxford University. This enables us to provide “The Oxford Experience” to our students who live and feel being part of the Oxford University for the duration of the course. This is a once in the life time experience and is instrumental in inspiring students to higher achievements in life.


Which courses are offered?

The courses offered at the program are divided into three themes: Natural Sciences (e.g. Medicine, Engineering, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry etc.), Social Sciences (e.g. Business Studies, Economics, Law, History and International Relations etc.) and Humanities (e.g. Arts, Music, Painting etc.). The lectures are designed along the themes; however students can choose any subject of their choice for further study during the tutorial where one-to-one attention is given to every student. The course is very interactive and the students get to ask questions from leading experts in the field of their interest. Learning is supplemented with group and individual projects that require the students to do independent research and present their findings. 


What are the objectives of your program?

The objective of the summer program is to introduce the students to the latest knowledge and the current debates in their subject area and experience the unique academic environment at the Oxford University. We aim to instil love for learning and quest for knowledge among the students by adopting innovative ways of teaching, use of audio/video material and excursion trips. Students are exposed to a multicultural environment that allows them to interact with fellow students from all over the world. The activities are designed to harness student’s leadership potential and to enable them to make appropriate choices about their future career including potentially securing admissions in the top universities in the World. This is a once in the life time opportunity for the students to experience living and studying at the Oxford University and will inspire them to go on to achieve bigger things in life. 


What is included in the Fee?

The fee includes tuition fee for the lectures, tutorials and other study sessions delivered during the Summer Program; debates, projects, career counselling and other academic activities; sports, study excursions, day trips, entertainment and picnics in and around Oxford; accommodation in your own separate bedrooms for the duration of the course along with breakfast and dinner and transfers to and from the airport at the start and end of the program.  


What is your teaching philosophy?

We use latest teaching techniques that rely on interactive learning and the use of audio/video materials along with the study excursions and field trips to supplement the class room teaching and tutorials. Every effort is made to make the teaching process fun and exciting for the students and to instill a genuine love among the students for learning and exploring. This allows students to achieve excellence is their field of interest and serves them well for a life time. 


How is the course assessed and do we get a certificate?

The courses are assessed through a group project and individual research project. Adequate time and facilities along with individual guidance is provided to the students to complete these. There are no examinations; however students are required to present the findings of their research. A certificate is provided to all students at the completion of the program and most teachers are also happy to comment on and provide a reference for the students. This allows the students to obtain reference from a leading expert in their field of interest and helps their application for further studies at university level. 


What are the dates for the summer program?

Please view our Schedule section for key dates and other information.