The health and safety of all our students is of paramount importance for us. A number of arrangements are in place to ensure the hralth and safety of students, including, but not limited to, the following:

All our students are supervised around the clock and accompanied by our deans, lecturers and tutors. The students are divided into smaller groups during the outdoor activities (such as educational excursions) and are accompanied by trained and specialist staff members.

Our deans are available at the student accommodations at all times.

We operate a 24 hours telephone hotline through which parents/guardians (or a designated person) can contact us around the clock to enquire exactly where their child is.

All of the premises used by our students such as the accommodation block, lecture rooms, tutorial rooms and other buildings are part of the Oxford University Campus. Adequate security arrangements such as the gated compounds with computer controlled entry/exit, CCTV, presence of security guards/porters and additional protection by the Oxford University Security Services is available at all times.

All buildings at the Oxford University are fully equipped with fire alarms and first aid is also available at all times. Our deans are trained to deal with medical emergencies and necessary medication and other supplies are available around the clock.

We do cater to students with special requirements. Please do let us know in detail about any additional assistance that you may require and we shall be happy to make required arrangements for you.

Oxford is generally considered one of the safest towns in the UK and the crime rate is very low. Given the safety measures mentioned above, parents/guardians should have complete peace with regards to their child’s health and safety.