In 2019 the Oxford Insitute Summer Camp shall take place at three different locations.

Our Oxford-London Summer Camp is scheduled from 7th of July to 19th of July 2019. All our students will get an opportunity to spend one week at the University of Oxford and one week at the London School of Economics.

Our Oxford-China Summer Camp is going to take place in China from 20th of July to 31st of July 2019. An experienced team of Oxford tutors shall fly to the home of Giant Pandas "Chengdu" (China) and deliver this programme.

Our flagship Oxford Summer Camp shall take place from 4th of August to 16th of August 2019. It is a two weeks residential camp at the University of Oxford where students get a unique opportunity to experience student life at Oxford University. 

Please use the following links to obtain more information about our summer camps in 2019.