The program focuses on building the soft skills among students. Research from around the world shows that students generally lack interpersonal, communication, leadership, critical writing and planning skills expected by the industry. The program helps bridge this gap through extensive training in these areas through structured activities listed below:

Parliamentary-style debate and public speaking is an integral part of the Oxford experience and a crucial skill for aspiring young leaders. Students are coached in debating by champion debaters from the Oxford Union, the world’s most prestigious debating society. They are trained to form concrete arguments, and explain their points of view clearly and persuasively. Training culminates with a final debating competition at the famed Debating Chamber of the Oxford Union, the site of historic speeches by visionary leaders including Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, and Jawaharlal Nehru.
At the Oxford Summer Program, we offer an intensive admission and career counselling workshop to all program participants. Our trained counsellors and career advisors provide students personal guidance on university admission processes as well as career development.

At admissions counselling sessions, our counsellors share their experience with programme participants, navigating them through each step of the application process of the top universities in the UK, USA, and Canada. Our counsellors help students decide which universities and education systems suit their individual needs and ambitions. Guidance is also provided on writing a stellar personal statement and preparing for admissions interview at Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.

During these sessions, students are exposed to a variety of career options, ranging from academic research to business/entrepreneurship, science, humanities, arts, law, and government. Students interested in exploring these or other career options can receive guidance from our on-site Counsellors through workshops and one-on-one sessions. Our Counsellors have extensive experience of the admissions processes as well as the job market in diverse fields and are well placed to offer advice to budding young students.
All students have to complete and present an individual research project through which they demonstrate a number of skills such as presentation and essay writing. An assessment exercise is conducted at the beginning and at the end of the program to ascertain the improvements made by the students in this regard. Development of these skills go a long way in shaping students’ personality and contributes immensely to their professional development. While we may have ideas that we are very passionate about, it is not always easy to express them in a structured manner. Multiple sessions, help students brainstorm and craft successful essays and presentations. Our academic staff helps students identify their unique personal narrative, and assists them in the often complex process of outlining, drafting, and proofing their essay and presentation.