Program Overview

The Oxford Institute Summer Program offers two-week courses for various age groups, providing a blend of academics, extracurricular activities, and social engagement.
Accommodation is provided on the Oxford University Campus for an immersive experience.
While not formally affiliated, the Institute is operated by Oxford students, academics, and scholars. We’re a non-profit organization accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Program Dates

Please refer to our Schedule section on our website for the specific program dates and other related information.

Program Duration and Benefits

The program runs for two weeks, providing an intensive and enriching experience.
You will have tutorials with Oxford scholars, coaching in debating, academic and career counseling, and participate in field trips, sports, and entertainment.
The program offers you the opportunity to engage with world-class academics, explore historic cities, enhance your critical thinking skills, and build lasting friendships.

Eligibility Criteria

We divide our students into four different categories: Juniors (age group 12- 15 years old), Seniors (15 to 19 years old), University Students 19+ and professionals (25 years old and above).


The fee covers lectures, tutorials, and academic sessions, debating workshops, career and academic counseling, accommodation in individual rooms, daily meals, and weekend/evening activities.
The fee only covers transport to and from the airport. However you would need to inform us in advance if you require this service.

International Students

International students are welcome to apply. Visa requirements vary by country, so it’s essential to check the specific visa regulations for your nationality when planning to participate.

Assessment and Certification:

Students are assessed based on a research essay and an oral presentation at the end of the course. Individual guidance is provided, and a certificate is awarded upon completion, along with a detailed course report.

Teaching and Courses

We offer a range of courses in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Courses are taught through daily tutorial sessions with a tutor-to-student ratio of 1-3.
Tutors are Oxford researchers and scholars, and students conduct independent research, concluding with a final essay and presentation.