The Oxford Institute is a not-for-profit organization founded by academics and alumni from Oxford University. We are accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a further education and short-course provider. The Oxford Institute has been a leading institution that organises summer programmes in Oxford and London. All of our programmes are conducted by world-renowned academics associated with the University of Oxford and provide a unique experience to our students to broaden their horizons and experience by studying at a world-leading centre of education.

The Oxford Institute offers an exclusive Oxford experience through its summer school programmes. There are a number of factors that make us distinct. Our strength lies in the holistic and personalised nature of the programmes. Every day is balanced to include academic, extracurricular (debates, sports, arts, music), and social (sightseeing, entertainment, cultural evenings) activities.

Students are also facilitated in using their daily unstructured time to explore and pursue activities that align with their interests. The programmes are very intimate - limited to 50-80 students per batch - and therefore highly personalised. All courses are taught in tutorials - the unique Oxford teaching method of intensive daily sessions between 1-3 students per tutor. The subject and pace of tutorials are shaped by the interests and needs of the student. There are no fixed lesson plans and no topic is out of bounds.
For over nine centuries, the University of Oxford has been an epitome of knowledge, learning and scholarship. Renowned for its academic excellence and quality it has attracted the best talent from around the world, polished it and produced exceptionally successful men and women. In recent history, over 50 Nobel Prize Winners, 26 British Prime Ministers and 50 Heads of States from all over the world have been nurtured and educated at Oxford University.

Both Oxford town and the University of Oxford has a symbiotic relationship and together this creates a unique social and academic environment that must be experienced by all promising young luminaries, aspiring for greater things in life. Here we shall present some glimpses from life at the University of Oxford.
We recognise that it is an important decision for parents to send their children away for a two-week summer course to Oxford. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. Here we provide additional information to address any concerns parents may have for the welfare of their children. We are happy to discuss any further concerns about accommodation parents may require.

Why Attend Our Summer Programme(s)

Having years of experience running summer courses, we have observed young students beginning the programme with much trepidation and anxiety, but leaving Oxford having had one of the most enriching and memorable experiences of their lives.
At the Oxford Summer Camp we strive to cultivate curiosity, imagination and self-confidence in all our students. We believe in providing students with a holistic learning experience which nurtures their passions within and beyond the classroom. These experiences encourage our students to think critically, broaden their perspectives, cultivate new interests, challenge assumptions, and build a sense of ownership over their own intellectual journeys. We believe the best learning experiences are those which engage the curiosity of students and empower them to pursue their ideas independently.

We are the only summer programme in Oxford which places Oxford University’s unique teaching method - the tutorial system - at the heart of our teaching approach.
What is the Oxford Institute Summer Programme?

Our annual summer programme comprises two week summer courses for 12-15 years old, 16-19 years old and 19-25 years old students as well as an Executive Programme for over 25 years old. The program runs between July to early August and encompasses a balance of academic, extracurricular and social activities. This includes tutorial sessions with Oxford scholars on students’ chosen subjects, coaching in debating and public speaking, academic and career counseling, along with field trips, sports, and entertainment activities. Students live at the Oxford University Campus and use facilities normally exclusive to Oxford students. The programme’s intimate nature is conducive to providing a holistic and personalised experience for students, aimed to foster individual initiative, expression and creativity.
Restrictions at night time

All our students will be required to remain at the premises from 9 pm onwards. We will make sure that everyone checks into the premises before the set curfew time. However, within the premises students are free to make use of the common rooms, watch television and socialize in a relaxed environment.

Proper conduct

Students are required to maintain the decorum and follow all the rules while in the residential complex of the college. Excessive noise, abuse of property and facilities and other anti-social behaviours will not be tolerated at any point.