Every year the Oxford Institute summer camp attracts talented students from various different parts of the work. Many of our former students made it to Oxbridge and some of the top Ivy League Universities and have great success stories to share – academically and beyond.

Loana Opera

Country of Origin: Romania
Batch: 2016
Studies at Unversity of Oxford

Tina Sang

Country of Origin: USA
Batch 2018
Studies at University of Oxford

Alvin Gustavii

Country of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden Studies at Lund

Hassan Shah

Country of Origin: UAE
Batch 2014
Studies at Aston University

Anusha Abbas

Country of Origin: UK
Batch 2014
Studies at The University of Bristol

Angelique Shie

Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Batch 2016
Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Florentina Herr

Country of Origin: Australia
Batch 2015
Studies at University of Technology, Sydney

Tamara Elmani

Country of Origin: Lebanon
Batch 2014
Associate at Deloitte Studies at Imperial College London

Jinfu <br>Shi

Country of Origin: China
Batch 2014 and 2015
Studies at SOAS,

Eman <br>Yasir

Country of Origin: Pakistan
Batch 2015
Studies at Bryn Mawr

Melika Jalilzadeh Asr

Country of Origin: Iran
Batch 2018 and 2019
Studies at City

Theresa Mußger

Country of Origin: Germany
Batch 2015
Studies at University of Regensburg