We have 100% overall satisfaction rate and our summer programme has been dubbed by many of our students as a "Life changing experience". Please see below some examples of the kind of feedback we regularly receive from our students:

Jordan (England)

"I will remember these two weeks for the rest of my life"


Mohammad Lawal (Nigeria)

"I will never forget these two weeks for the rest of my life..."

Florentina (Germany)

"Great Experience! The best quality/content of studies one could have in such short time coupled with the engaging activities and tours, and very helping/approachable coordinators"


Alessandro (Spain)

"Memorable, well organised and flexible - learning was never this fun. Would love to join again"


Teresa (Italy)

"A remarkable experience, one I will cherish for many years to come"

Steve (China)

"[One day] I will be a student at Oxford, I promise!"

Guilherme (Brazil)

"The program was amazing. I'd always wanted to come to Oxford and this was a very good experience. I loved my tutors as well as our deans and other staff. They are super friendly" 

Tamara (Dubai)

"I really liked this program. I learned alot of things from this delightful journey like self reliance, self confidance and making friends and learning from each other. I enjoyed the tours/trips, especially punting"

Sharvaj (India)

"Best Summer Experience Ever - It opened up my mind not only to the history of this fantastic institution and the city but also my own subject as well, it eliminated my myopic view on my subject"

Ryan (England)

"Amazing experience! Got a great insight on university life"

Adina (Pakistan)

"The most memorable event of my life. Experiencing the Oxford way of teaching and living was really unforgetable. Getting to be taught by Oxford tutors and attending lectures. The Program really made me more confident and I have now made my ambition to get admission in the University of Oxford. The course made me more independent and I got to know how college life is like"

Tania (Italy)

"Punting - It was one hillarious ride, really cool experience"

Ammaar (Pakistan)

"Ayyaz [one of the deans] is a Legend!!!"