Join the Oxford Institutes’s exclusive
Summer Camps at The University of Oxford
in July/August 2020


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Join the Oxford Institutes’s exclusive
Summer Camps at The  University of Oxford
in July/August 2020


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AGES 12-15

Our Juniors are enrolled in MYP or preparing for their IGCSE, GCSE, O levels or local examination system … LEARN MORE


AGES 15-19

Our Seniors are in IB (Diploma Programme), CP, O or A levels, IGCSE, GCSE, and local examination system… LEARN MORE


AGES 19-25

Students enrolled in undergrad and postgraduate degrees in different universities around the world. LEARN MORE


AGES 25+

Suitable for the young entrepreneurs, business persons, representatives of corporate and other organizations..


Contact us for a memorable experience at year-round bespoke camps held at the University of Oxford LEARN MORE



We give our students a chance to immerse themselves in Oxford’s unique student life by living, dining and studying at Oxford’s historic colleges CULTURE AND DIVERSITY ENTERTAINMENT ARTS AND SPORTS MAGICAL OXFORD OXFORD CONNECTION KEYNOTE LECTURES TUTORIAL STYLE ESSAY COUNSELLING


We are the only summer program that places Oxford University’s unique “tutorial teaching system” at the heart of our teaching approach with the student-to-teacher ratio of 1:3


We hone our students’ leadership skills and help them grow into confident, independent, and active young adults PUBLIC SPEAKING AND DEBATING CAREER GUIDANCE ADMISSIONS COUNSELLING



Oxford has a proud tradition of study in Arts, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, History and other related subjects. It has contributed immensely to our understanding of various aspects of human society and culture. Students will follow the footsteps of the likes of J. R. R. Tolkein, T. S. Eliot, Christopher Hitchens, Oscar Wilde, and Emily Davison.

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Oxford has been a global hub for the study of Social Sciences. In particular, study subjects such as Politics, Economics, Law, Psychology, Social Entrepreneurship, International Relations and others have led to significant advancements in these fields. Some of the famous social scientists associated with Oxford include Adam Smith, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.

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Oxford has been the torchbearer of scientific thinking and method for centuries. Equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities for scientific research and inquiry, Oxford remains a magnet for the world’s top scientists and scholars. Students will take inspiration from the likes of Stephen Hawking and Dorothy Hodgkins to explore courses in physical sciences.

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Guilherme Schoenberger (

Each year at the end of Summer Camp we ask our students to rate their experience and we are very proud of the fact that we have a 100% overall satisfaction rate. The Oxford Institute Summer Programme has been dubbed by many of our students as a “Life changing experience”. Please see below what few of our students have to say about the program.

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Aniela Cheon (USA)

“My experience here at Oxford has been really amazing. I have met many new people. It has been really great”

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Anna Canales (Mexico)

“Everyday during this camp picked something new and inspiring from the students and my tutors”

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Moriah Humphrey (USA)

“This was my first time away from home and I learnt so much in past few days.”

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Alvin Gustaviib (Sweden)

“During this programme, I met some amazing people and made some friends for life. This was a great learning and socialising experience for me…”

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Justina Lee (Malaysia)

“This trip was a great memory , I hope I can experience it again. It wasn’t only fun but useful too….”

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Angelique Shie (Hong Kong)

“Fantastic experience. It was a wonderful programme”


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Ryan Clune (UK)

“Amazing experience! Got a great insight into university life”

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Mehdi Chahdi (Morocco)

““I really enjoyed it as it was a great experience and can brighten my future”

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Muhammad Lawal (Nigeria)

“I will never forget these two weeks for the rest of my life…”

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Yuto Imamoro (Japan)

“My experience at Oxford has encouraged me to study abroad. I loved my time at Oxford and I made a lot of new friends. Thank you Oxford Institute.”

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Anna Jospeha (Sweden)

“The overall experience was amazing, I got to study, visit different places, take part in fun activities, and make friends….”

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Teresa Griffo (Italy)

“A remarkable experience, one I will cherish for many years to come”

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Aesha Alhammadi (UAE)

“Spent my best days in that place. Met so many great people that i’ll never forget, and i’m really glad i met them, thanks for making this semester the best! Love you guys”

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Namera Chowdhary (Bangladesh)

“My experience at Oxford has been incredible. I have learnt new skills which I hope to use onwards.”

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Elaine Guo (Hong Kong)

“Here at oxford I got to experience the British Education System and learnt a lot of new skills. This summer program has enabled me to actually go into Oxford and experience the students’ life, where we were able to learn under the tutorial system and closely interact and communicate with Oxford graduates and prestigious researchers, as well as specialists in different fields”

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Florentina Herr (Australia)

“Great Experience! The best quality/content of studies one could have in such short time coupled with engaging activities and tours, and very helping/approachable coordinators”

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Han Do (Vietnam)

“My experience so far has been really interesting and fun. I learnt some really interesting things. Law was a new subject, and I wasn’t sure about it, but the tutorials gave me a good idea and I really enjoyed it. Simita is a great tutor. I have always liked Bio, but the more I learn about it the more I like it. I learnt new content in the tutorials. Sara is very detail-oriented, she also sent us slides with all the information, she is very open to questions. Personally, I learnt that if you have to write a 2000 word essay, you must begin much before the due date. Debating, that’s a new skill, in school we learn it but not in such detail or with so much practice. The debating workshop helped me understand how to structure an argument and organisation. In terms of the content and quality of lectures and tutorials, it was really really good. Even though the time was short, but I learnt a lot. I learnt a lot outside tutorials, they led to do more personal study and research”.

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Guilherme Schoenberger (Brazil)

“The program was amazing. I’d always wanted to come to Oxford and this was a very good experience. I loved my tutors as well as our deans and other staff. They are super friendly”

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Anna Oliynyk (Russia)

“In my opinion Oxford Summer Program offers students a unique experience with a balance between academic and social activities. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Oxford …..”

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Ulgen Akfert (Canada)

“My experience at Oxford has been a great learning opportunity”

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Steven Younan (Lebanon)

“My experience at Oxford has been really fun. I made new friends”

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Uzair Sattar (Pakistan)

“This summer programme prepares us for the real world. I learnt many valuable lessons not just in my selected course but also, what univesity life is like.”

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Dilan Kurhan (Turkey)

“It has been really inspiring for me. It has been wonderful to be here. I learnt so much”

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Manan Chitalia (India)

“Having attended classes in a personalised tutorial style, it was highly beneficial and a great way of enhancing the learning experience. Throughout the trip, I interacted with many people from all over the world. Made friends from different countries such as Bangladesh, Monaco and Pakistan. This trip also made me more independent and responsible. Now that school has started, I look back at the pictures from the trip and wish that I could relive the whole experience again. I cannot thank The Oxford Institute enough for giving me this opportunity.”


Justine Lee

“This trip was a great memory , I hope I can experience it again. It wasn’t only fun but useful too….”





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