Our accommodation facilities are located at one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University. Students stay in exactly the same rooms that are used by students enrolled on degree programmes at University of Oxford during term time. The accommodation facilities are located  in the heart of the historic city and In close proximity to all the amenities and attractions that Oxford has to offer. .


The most important aspect of our accommodation is that it provides our students with an opportunity to experience an environment that was identical to the one experienced by the famous alumni of the Oxford University that include world leaders, scientists, philisophers, artists and other notable personalities that shaped their respective fields. 


All rooms are equipped with wi-fi Internet and ethernet connection and include both ensuite and shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Individual showers and toilets are in private cubicles. All of these facilities are used exclusively by the students enrolled at the Oxford University during Term Time. 


The accommodation is set within the historic campus, overlooking College 'quads' and has some of the most exquisite lawns and green spaces amongst all Oxford Colleges and is recognised as an architectural masterpiece.