Program Categories

At the Oxford Institute, there is a summer program for everyone, regardless of age. We cater to students aged 12 to over 25 years old and we offer a range of unique extra-curricular activities, academic tutorials, Oxford College accommodation, personalized learning, and an all-around magical Oxford experience. Each program enables applicants to develop their skills in every aspect of their work and encourages a healthy work-play balance no matter what age they are. 

There are four main age groups for the Oxford Summer Program, the Junior category, (for ages 12-15), the Senior category, (for 16–19-year-olds), the University category (for ages 19 and over), and lastly the Executive Program (for ages 25 and over). This ensures that there is a summer program for everyone, everywhere. We have a range of international students from all over the world and this creates a sense of cultural diversity which is amazing as it teaches students about parts of the world they may never have visited. 

The Junior program (ages 12-15) is predominantly for students who currently attend middle school or learn from home. We tend to receive a mixture of students from different backgrounds and different levels of academic experience, however, the majority of them will be beginning to study for their GCSEs. The Senior program (ages 16-19) is mainly for students preparing for A Levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB) or other equivalent international examinations. Our enrolled students are allowed to choose whether or not to focus on the exam preparation for their chosen school subjects or they can choose two completely different subjects to explore and experiment with, prior to university enrolment or their future career. 

The University program (age 19+) invites students who are already studying for their degrees to take part, in order to give them a head start in life with both academic enrichment and networking opportunities that can help with their professional communication skills. We offer admissions counseling that can help our university program students to enroll at their university of choice, including prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

The students take part in independent research projects, debating, presentations, an engaging curriculum, and high-quality teaching which is very useful for those hoping to study in the UK, outside of their native country. This helps them become accustomed to the expectations of UK university culture and academic standards and sets them at an advantage for being accepted. 

The Executive Leadership Summer Program (age 25+) is a more advanced program for adults looking to expand upon their business knowledge and advance their current or future careers. We will teach them how to overcome difficulties in business management, as well as identify them and potential prevention strategies. We offer personalized courses for NGOs, businesses and government corporations, and many other companies and organizations searching to become as successful as they can be in whatever venture they choose.