Oxford University has a distinct tradition of fine dining at the  extravagant halls at most colleges of the university. Various  formal dinners as well as termly feasts are regularly organised by  the colleges that include multiple courses and include a range of  world cuisines. The dining halls are epitomised by the famous  Harry Potter series where Hogwarts, including its dining hall has  been modelled on the Christ Church colleges’ dining hall at  Oxford  University. Typically, dining halls are spacious and feature  wooden floors, panelled walls with giant portraits of the notable  people who studied at the college, chandeliers and a high table  normally reserved for the fellows at the college.


The Oxford Institute caters to the  diverse dietary requirements of its members and offers an  excellent range of options for both breakfast and dinner. Food is  prepared by an expert chef on campus and only fresh ingredients  of high quality are used. Breakfast and Dinner are both included in  the fees for all summer school courses offered  by The Oxford  Institute. The breakfast everyday and the official dinners during  the course shall be arranged at the College's dining hall.