Why should you invest in the Oxford Summer Program?

The Oxford Summer Program, the Oxford-London Summer Program, and the Executive Leadership Program are 3 of the best summer experiences an individual can choose. These courses, designed by the prestigious Oxford Institute, provide a huge selection of fascinating Major and Minor subjects from which to choose, such as English, Psychology, Business, and Maths. The Executive Leadership Program, on the other hand, can help to strengthen pre-existing business ideas and ensure your company will be the best compared to others who have not been as lucky to enroll in the course. You will learn how to overcome common problems faced in the Executive world, whilst being taught by experienced professionals who encourage you to face your fears and become the best leader you can be. 

One of our unique selling points here at the Oxford Institute is the highly personalized learning environment where the utmost care is taken to ensure the students get the most out of each and every class they take. The student-teacher ratio is notably small so that as much attention can be given by the teacher to the students as they need, especially when they find a subject to be more challenging and are in need a bit more time to understand it. 

All students have different needs and processing speeds for new information, and this is certainly taken into consideration with the Oxford Summer Program. We believe that all students have the potential to succeed and with the experienced knowledge and skilled teaching styles given by past Oxford alumni and academic deans, they will reach this goal even more quickly. The amazing Oxford tutors and alumni will push you to attain your academic goals whilst also encouraging a healthy balance between work and play, in recognition of the fact that a happy student is the best type of student! 

Simply going to school during term time and being fed information is not good enough for students to reach their full potential. They need to take their learning into their own hands and this means that their holidays should involve their studies also. This is why the Oxford Summer Program is perfect for them. They would be able to study and further their own education while also being able to spend a fun summer in the amazing city of Oxford with new friends. This certainly beats studying at home for hours on end in the summer holidays without all of the extra-curricular activities we provide here. For example, debating and public speaking is not able to be practiced without a large group of people there to watch and participate, as there would be at the world-renowned Oxford Union. 

The Oxford Summer Program provides actual College accommodation as well as dining in the college hall, these are both wonderful opportunities to be involved with the University of Oxford itself and an experience that members of the public are not privileged enough to have. The students are allowed to do their own exploration of the city, and this develops their cultural appreciation and sense of independence. Oxford is full of beautiful architecture, shops, museums, restaurants, and cafes for them to discover during their time here. Historical buildings and monuments are around every corner and sightseeing is often one of the favorite aspects of the course. 
All of the students who have attended our summer programs have loved their time here and everyone had something to learn and take away from the fulfilling journey they had. This is evident from the written and video testimonials the students created after their time on the course, where they spoke in detail about their favorite aspects of the program and what they loved learning about the most. It is such a fantastic opportunity for anyone of any age, it caters for all and will improve your life and education in countless ways. We urge you to apply as soon as you can so as to make the 1st March deadline which is fast approaching. Otherwise, you may risk having to wait until 2024 to have your Oxford Summer Program experience!